One human family. An interfaith conference

Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Bahia’s gathered in the Roman Hills for a week of intense dialogue in the spirit of the spirituality of the Focolare Movement, from 30th May  4th June. In a “time of divisions, dialogue counts”, this has been the maxim of these days.

The common thread of this meeting was peace between us and with creation. How to design a peace policy? How to engage in an economy of peace? And, how to live peace with creation. The group of 450 people from 40 countries and all continents also had an audience with Pope Francis and went to Assisi to listen to the wisdom of another Francis, the “ Poor one” of Assisi.

In these few articles on this conference, we discover the fruitfulness of Focolare’s spirituality, also experienced, to varying degrees, by people from very diverse backgrounds. The new – and surprising – thing is that people of other religions have started to join it.

One human family. New paths for dialogue.
A general presentation of the Conference: during these days, seeds were sown! May they grow within us and between us and may the brotherhood that we have experienced extend to many others!

The sources of interreligious dialogue in the Focolare Movement.

To understand the place of interreligious dialogue in the Focolare Movement, born during the Second World War, we must return to its’ sources, it’s “inspiring spark”.

Faces of interreligious dialogue today

The spirituality of the Focolare is also experienced to some degree by members of other religions. During this congress faithful of various religions testified to this.

Concern for creation in religions

We cannot separate respect for the earth from the quality of human life. A « zoom in » on the relational aspect of nature in the various religious traditions was the subject of a round table discussion during the interreligious conference.

Called to weave relationships of peace. The role of religions Religions are often seen as escalating conflict. But is this really the case? What positive contributions can they make to build peaceful relationships?

An economy for peace

We hear every day about the war economy. Is this inevitable? Can we reverse things and talk about an economy of peace? This is the question that a round table asked during this interreligious conference.

Peace economy practices
One of the strengths of the Focolare Movement is to combine the theoretical aspect of the themes addressed with practical testimonies. Six actors from different religions testified to their commitments.




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