From Atheism to Belief. My experience

“At the age of 18 I was asking many questions about the meaning of life. I was wondering which studies I should take up. I was quite knowledgeable in philosophy and literature, but I wasn’t searching for wisdom. I also wanted to know God. I enrolled at the school of theology in Lausanne. I was drawn to the study of religion, and I imagined I would find my way in theology.

 But the more I went ahead the more the questions increased. Ten months later I was an atheist. One day I went into a church and posted my rebellion on the lectern: ‘God doesn’t exist!’ I decided to give my studies, but the questions continued.

Sometime later I met a friend who invited me to attend a meeting in Aix-en-Provence at a Protestant school of theology. That’s where God was waiting for me. I was touched by the fraternal atmosphere that was flowing among the people at that meeting. That night I knelt down in my bedroom, and only one word came to my lips: “Sorry”. I was surprised. To whom had I spoken that word? Deep down I knew why I had said it: At that time I was in conflict with a lot of people and had offended quite a few.

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