Marc Chagall Tree of Jesse

A Shoot Sprouts…Our Christmas Greeting

Dear friends,

Along with a large part of humanity we experience vulnerability and the unexpected. How many changes have we had to make during this period like no others? And what does the future hold in store for us?

At Christmas God joins us in our fragility. The prophet announces that « a branch comes out of the stump of Jesse, a shoot sprouts from its roots. The Spirit of the Lord is with him always » (Isaiah 11:1).

In Hebrew the shoot or the branch is « Netzer », as seen in the image of the olive tree. This is probably the root of « Nazareth ». « Jesus of Nazareth » is the messianic shoot.

God comes to us in smallness and secrecy, while we continue to be fascinated by the great means; his ways are not those of the world and its power games. He comes in the weakness of a child. From a root a small shoot sprouts, just as 33 years later, from a tomb will arise a Living One who will overthrow the powerful from their throne and elevate the humble.

He always tells us: « Do not be afraid »! In our midst he comes when we give him our trust and share it among us.

With the prayer below we wish you a Merry Christmas and say again our friendship in Him.

Chantal and Martin Hoegger


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A prayer 

In these times of great challenges,
Christmas reminds us of your coming in fragility.
A small shoot sprouting from a root,
you come to us not with the strength of the mighty
but in the simplicity of a child.

Silence in us the cries of this world
that overwhelm us with their demands!
Give us eyes to see us grow
the push that nobody notices!

In these times of great anxiety,
you say to us again like to the shepherds in Bethlehem
and as to the women near the empty tomb :
Trust, do not be afraid!

Image: The Tree of Jesse according to Marc Chagall, extract.




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